Gray is a favorite neutral color and is ideal for industrial buildings. With the warm orange accents in the facade of the BPDs, they create the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Project information:

BPD owns open and closed warehouses with an area of ​​91,000 sq. m. The base is located in the southern part of Sofia, near the city center. Logistics park BPD Sofia Iztok I is a modern solution that consists of a warehouse building with offices and commercial premises.

System solutions from Technopanel:

In order to meet all the requirements for aesthetics, functionality and fire resistance, the Technopanel team proposed a solution with the TFACE ST 100 PU and MW system in RAL 2003,9007,9006 and 9002. The absence of visible screws on the facade makes Facade panels with hidden installation TFACE S suitable for industrial and public buildings looking for a modern look. The assembly design allows the connection of TFACE S series panels with different insulation cores. The investor decided on a horizontal installation of the panels and a stylish color combination with warm orange accents.