Integra Plastics

The factory for production of recyclable plastics near the town of Elin Pelin, built by Integra Plastics, trusted the quality solutions from Technopanel.

Project information:

The factory is located on nearly 35 thousand square meters. It annually processes 37 thousand tons of plastic waste, from which it receives 22 thousand tons of regranulate - the main raw material for the production of a wide range of industrial and household plastic products. Baled waste plastics will be supplied by municipal installations and industrial enterprises.

Technopanel system solutions: 

The system of wall sandwich panels TFACE from "Technopanel" was chosen for the production base, as combined panels with insulation from polyurethane foam (PUR) - TFACE TT PU 100 which has excellent thermal insulation properties, and sandwich panels insulation from mineral wool (MW) - TFACE TT MW 100, whose main advantage is that it is a practically non-combustible material.The TFACE T panels are suitable for almost any site that requires good insulation, quick installation and aesthetic appearance of the building and maximum joint density.For the roof is used the roof series TTOP. Again, a combination of two different types of panels was used - with polyurethane cores and mineral wool - TTOP 5 PU / MW 100. Profiled sheet metal with LT 50 profile is also used, its roof surface is exactly 1 m and the height of the rib is 52 cm.All sandwich panels used for this factory are in light gray color according to RAL 9002.