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Technopanel develops, manufactures and markets complete facade and roof systems composed of sandwich panels with insulation core of polyurethane rigid foam (PUR), polyisocyanurate rigid foam (PIR) or rock wool (MW) and finishing facings of galvanized steel sheet protected with polyester coating.


3D Simulator

Choice of Colors and Coatings, Details, and Design Guidelines - explore the Design Guidelines Section with an interactive 3D model of a warehouse, where you can experiment with various color combinations, view cross-sections, and see key details for constructing a building with sandwich panels.

Design Guidelines
Sandwich panels - Wave, Diamond, Ribbed
We at Technopanel strive to be modern, follow market trends and surprise our customers, which is why we are happy to announce our latest innovation, namely our current sandwich panel designs - Wave, Diamond and Ribbed.These innovative designs promise to redefine the aesthetics and functionality of ...
Learn more about our plant and manufacturing process

Our plant is situated at an area 65 000 м2 on the territory of the village of Yana, near Sofia. The production line is designed and manufactured according to the latest achievements of the continuous cycle of  production.