Technopanel EAD earned certificate ISO 9001

Management and organization of the work in Technopanel EAD are already meeting the international requirements for quality management. Evidence of the obtained highest standards in the factory for production of sandwich panels  is the earned certificate ISO 9001:2008, that covers manufacturing of thermo-isolating sandwich panels with core of polyurethane foam (PUR), polyisocyanurate foam (PIR), mineral wool (MW) and roll formed metal sheets for structural and industrial applications, wholesale of metal sheets and flashings.

International accredited certification company, “Lloyd’s Register” handed the prestigious document, which is result of rigorous analysis, testing and inspection of the work in Technopanel EAD.

The whole idea of the certified management system is that the company goes vigor forward and evolves, striving for continuous improvement.

The certificate is valid for the next three years and must be defended by the team of Technopanel with high quality working processes and continuous improvement in accordance with established international standards for quality management of the processes.