New additions to product range of Technopanel

In an effort to broadly cover the needs of its customers Technopanel developed and presents to your attention the most new members in its product range.
* PIR - the
TDUCT plates with insulation of polyisocyanurate rigid foam (PIR), masked on both sides with aluminum foil is an innovative product on the Bulgarian market, suitable for making air for building ventilation and air conditioning. They offer many good features to ensure "delivery" of fresh air in teh room, evacuation of the polluted one and transportation of the recirculating air and its disposal outside the building.
* Combined qualities of traditional materials for thermal insulation of buildings we present you in the product TTHERM. TTHERM insulation boards with a core of
polyisocyanurate rigid foam, double-masked with aluminum foil, paper or a combination of them. Suitable for insulation of walls, roofs and floors.