Technopanel clothed Sopharma

Technopanel Ltd. - Bulgarian manufacturer of sandwich panels, working vigor to meet the needs of our clients, we developed a new series of thermal panels.
With the efforts of engineers of Technopanel JSC the series TFACE SF PU 750 was developed specifically as required by the architect. Zheko Tilev for object "Tablet Workshop" with investor "Sopharma" AD and chief executive "Telecomplect AD." Designed by "Tilev
architects " the factory was built in the ecological park with a new generation of energy efficient buildings and using energy saving technologies and materials, which are less polluting. This will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for a comfortable climate in the building.
The series is designed with an effective width of 750 mm panels. These are wall panels with secret fixing, insulating core of polyurethane and a flat profile of the sheet. They have all the qualities and  technical specification of now offered by Technopanel JSC sandwich panels - coefficient of thermal conductivity λ = 0,023 W / mK and
polyurethane density 40kg/m3. TFACE SF PU 750 panels are available in thicknesses: 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm.