TECHNOPANEL - the only Bulgarian manufacturer of PIR plates

The agricultural sector is important and determining in the economy of our country. Despite the rapid decline in production in the sector over the transition period, we are seeing some changes today. In the pursuit of growth and the fight for market competitiveness, sustainable development and the achievement of European Union standards, we all recognize the need for modernization. More and more companies are renovating their bases and/or building new ones. Modern farms, warehouses, production facilities, refrigeration chambers .... today all these buildings are being built with sandwich panels.
We at Technopanel - the Bulgarian manufacturer of sandwich panels, want to introduce you - the farmers and processors in Bulgaria with the opportunities that this product and we offer.
Let's talk a bit about the main features of thermal panels.
The three-layer sandwich panels consist of an insulating core of polyurethane foam (PUR), mineral wool (MW) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) and end layers (inner and outer) of galvanized metal sheets, protected by polyester colored coating. They are made of high quality materials that give them excellent physical and mechanical properties. Despite their low weight, they have considerable strength properties. They are quick and easy to install, and the tightness of the connections between the individual panels guarantees water resistance and thermal insulation reliability. Certified for fire resistance with health rating for suitability, sandwich panels allow for quick and quality construction of any room.
One of our last projects for 2012. are two modern dairy farms - near the town of Chirpan and the town of Rakovski. Considering the presence of organic acids in the livestock farms, we have offered specially designed roof panels with PVC membrane. Tehnopanel produced 4000sq.m for the two cattle farms. TTOP 5 PU 40 PVC and 12000sq.m. TTOP 5 PU 50 PVC. Consisting of an external carrier sheet, high quality galvanized steel with RAL-colored polyester coating, a heat-insulating core of polyurethane foam and an inner sheet acid-resistant non-toxic membrane panels are suitable for all types of livestock farms, providing fast and durable construction, thermal insulation to maintain favorable temperature and easy cleaning.
Our company strives to meet the needs of each of our clients, as we can provide not only the production of the sandwich panels you need, but also a complete project in the part of structural and architecture and construction of your building from the foundations to the finishing details and interior installations.