Sports hall of High School Dimcho Debelianov

The new sports hall of this high school in Varna was designed with facade systems from Technopanel, which are not only fireproof, but also provide heat and sound insulation!

Project information:

"Dimcho Debelyanov" secondary school in the city of Varna is one of the most famous schools, it is located in the center of the city. The renovation of the building and the construction of a new sports hall made of sandwich panels will be completed in 2019. The multi-purpose sports facility will house students from grades 1 to 12 in their physical education and sports classes. "Dimcho Debelyanov" is the only secondary school in Varna Municipality. It also educates children from Varna villages where there are no educational institutions.

System solutions from Technopanel:

The building is finished with a TFACE ST MW 120 facade panel system in RAL 9007, 3020, 9010 color. The lack of visible screws on the facade makes TFACE S concealed installation facade panels suitable for industrial and public buildings looking for a modern look. The density of the connection between the panels guarantees water and air tightness, which determines their effectiveness in the construction of refrigerating chambers and rooms with high requirements for thermal insulation reliability. The investor decided on panels with a core of mineral wool (MW), which is a practically non-combustible material and has excellent sound insulation qualities. The combination of light-colored panels and red accents harmonizes with the new look of the school's facade and fits perfectly into the urban environment.