Odelo Farba

The new High-tech plant near Plovdiv for Mercedes Headlights trusted our high quality fire resistant sandwich panels. The contractor is Sienit Group.

Technopanel system solutions:

Technopanel sandwich panels have been selected for the construction of the facade and partition walls of the new plant. The extremely high fire resistance requirements - El 120 min., lead to the use of mineral wool (MW) panels.  Its main advantage over the other materials used for insulation is that it’s virtually non-combustible material. It does not shrink or expand under the influence of ambient temperature, as it has almost zero thermal expansion. Thanks to its excellent insulation qualities, the technical characteristics of the mineral wool do not change at high temperature. For this reason, mineral wool products can not only prevent the spread of flame fire, but to protect the equipment with flammable materials and keep warmth in cold climates.  When there is a fire the mineral wool fibers withstand without melting at temperature higher than 1000°C, which makes them an ideal fire protection barrier.

The facade of the building has a total floor area of ​​more than 6000 square meters. To meet the high requirements for fire resistance, Technopanel's team of engineers offered a solution with  TFACE TT MW 120, in color RAL 7035 and RAL 7037. The partition walls are made with 100mm panels  - TFACE TT MW 100, again with mineral core, in color RAL 9002.