Andi Tech

Yellow like the sun! This is the color of happiness, wisdom and glory. Andy Tech's striking yellow facade elements can brighten up even the darkest day! With our TFACE S facade systems, you have endless design possibilities.

Project information:

Andy Tech Ltd. is a manufacturer of furniture for offices and shops, kitchen furniture and metalworking.

System solutions from Technopanel:

We achieved the impressive look and memorable details of "Andy Tech" with the facade panels TFACE ST PU and MW 80 in color RAL 1018, 9002, 9007, and for the roof a solution was chosen with TTOP 5 PU and MW in color RAL 9002. When design is important, the right choice is TFACE S Concealed Facade Panels. The different profiles of the sheet metal and the absence of visible screws on the facade, make them suitable for industrial and public buildings looking for a modern look. The assembly design allows connecting panels from the series TFACE S with different insulating cores.Except for the wall and roof sandwich panels, the company chooses Technopanel systems for all cladding and finishing elements of its production base.