Industrial building

Project Information:

Modern and multifunctional, with a commercial and office part, the base has storage facilities, equipped according to the standards and regulations of the Bulgarian and European legislation. With implemented, reliable processes and procedures for impeccable working conditions, we maintain the highest standards throughout the work process, offering excellent and quality execution of warehouse operations.

System solutions from Technopanel:

For this modern industrial building with a broken exterior, the client settled on an accent of sandwich panels with decorative sheet metal. For this object, our client achieved a unique design with sandwich panels: TFACE T 100 with PU and MW insulation and color combination RAL 7016 and wood imitation.. Often in the construction of this type of objects, the leading role is played by the technological process itself. Particular attention is paid to the various facilities, equipment, devices, auxiliary rooms, each of which has its own specific conditions for temperature comfort. When design is important, the right choice is the facade panels with open installation TFACE T. The different profiles of the sheet metal - T, V and F smooth and the absence of visible screws on the facade, make them suitable for industrial and public buildings looking for a modern look. The assembly design allows the connection of TFACE T series panels with different insulation cores – PIR, PUR, MW. TFACE T panels are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.