Residential complex

Project Information:

A modern residential complex with a multi-pitched roof filled with sandwich panels. The complex is divided into two residential structures, designed with one underground floor and 4 above-ground floors. The complex has ten residential sections in total - five for each of the buildings. Above ground, the connection between individual buildings is made through alleys for pedestrians and streets for cars. Vertical communication is carried out by means of one elevator for each building and one common for the complex, connecting the yard space with the underground parking lot. The complex has several main entrances and exits. 24-hour physical security, video surveillance and access control are some of the things that will ensure peace of mind and security for homeowners. Landscaped gardens with playgrounds will delight even the smallest owners of the complex.

System solutions from Technopanel:

Our team applied its expertise in the realization of a roof of a residential building: TTOP 5 MW 100 in color according to RAL 7016/9002. Complete the residential building in a modern and functional way using TTOP roof panels. Ribbed panels completely eliminate problems such as leaks and dust thanks to their precise assemblies. Their core can be PIR, PUR or MW according to the specific needs of the building. Sandwich panels can be produced in a rich color palette, which will give individuality and aesthetics to your building.