Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

of the Management of Technopanel EAD

 Sofia, Bulgaria

Technopanel EAD is a Bulgarian company, which develops, manufactures and markets roof and wall cladding systems, composed of sandwich panels for the needs of the industrial construction industry. The Management has concluded that the quality policy objectives of the company can only be achieved through implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, the Management hereby identifies and states the quality policy to be followed by the company: 

  • Implementation of a customer-oriented marketing strategy based on the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services marketed by the company;
  • Upgrading of the existing products, development and implementation of new products and technologies in line with the customer-oriented marketing strategy;
  • Identification and understanding of the interactions between the separate processes to ensure their management as a single process and achieve the company objectives’ efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Improvement of the processes aimed to achieve customers’ satisfaction by keeping the customers’ requirements; 
  • Identification of the Management’s responsibilities as far as quality is concerned, and implementation of these responsibilities to ensure the process of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and of the company performance in general;
  • Improvement of the staff’s qualification and training to increase the role of the human factor in the improvement of quality, order, discipline and loyalty to the company;
  • Evaluation of the effects from the staff’s improved training and qualification;
  • Maintenance of relevant working environment to ensure the products compliance with the requirements;
  • Maintenance of equal and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers and partners;
  • Identification, provision and effective use of the resources needed to achieve continuous improvement;

The Management hereby sets the following objectives and strategies for implementation of the quality policy:

  • Identification of the context of the company by taking into account the external environment and internal factors;
  • Monitoring and analysis of the interested parties’ needs, requirements and expectations;
  • Determination and monitoring of the sequence of the processes, such as management, resources, production, measurement, analysis and improvement to achieve the planned objectives;
  • Determination of the activities to achieve the planned objectives, overcome threats and correct weaknesses of the company;
  • Performance of active and efficient marketing;
  • Ensure quality compliance of the manufactured products by effective implementation and maintenance of a production control system, which meets the requirements of the industry standards, the Ordinance on the Essential Requirements of Construction Works and Conformity Assessment of Construction Products, as well as any other requirement established by the local legislation or another authorized body;
  • Ensure quality of trade that meets the customer requirements and expectations;
  • Maintenance of a continuous customer feedback to better understand and analyze the customer requirements, expectations and satisfaction;
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System’s efficiency, which shall be considered the most strategic objective of the company Management;
  • Provision of the resources necessary to improve the employee’s training and qualification and motivate them learn new processes and master new skills;
  • Continuous expansion of the range and scope of the provided products and services;
  • Implementation of modern forms of business management and continuous improvement of the company performance through achievement of the necessary levels of personal discipline and responsibility for the quality of products by each company employee or staff member.
  • Provision of the necessary infrastructure for controlled performance of the production processes to ensure compliance with the respective requirements.

By this Statement, the Management of TECHNOPANEL EAD confirms its engagement and commits itself to the achievement of the quality objectives set forth herein. Furthermore, the Management calls for the company employees’ active efforts, involvement and creativity to maintain, improve and enhance the Quality Management System and further strengthen the company positions as a leading manufacturer of sandwich panels in Bulgaria.