Technopanels fireproof facade systems ware used for the second warehouse of Inkofoods.

Project information: 

INCOFOODS Ltd. is a trade and distribution company  specializing in the distribution of  food products throughout the country. INKOFOODS Ltd. is one of the leading distributors of Lindt, Caffarel, LoakerKambly, Corsini, Bauli, Arcor, Haribo, Bonomi, Rauch, Illy, Rossidi, De Cecco, Mutti, Elite, Sacla, Swatch & Stabilo! 

Technopanel system solutions: 

With the help of the sales engineering department of “Technopanel” EAD Incofoods OOD decided on a solution with facade panels TFACE ST PU and MW 100 in RAL 9006 color.