Project information:

The main purpose of the building is to provide storage of goods for an indefinite period until they are released and picked up by the importer, during which time the customs warehouse keeper vouches for them to the customs authorities, that is, the state, for the goods that are stored.

System solutions from Technopanel:

To meet all the requirements for aesthetics, functionality and fire resistance, the Technopanel team proposed a solution with the TFACE S system. TFACE S facade panels with concealed installation are suitable for modern architectural solutions for buildings, especially when aesthetics are important. They are suitable for objects that require good insulation, quick installation and a good appearance of the building. The panels have characteristic T or V ribbing or a smooth surface. The connection methods between the wall panels allow both vertical and horizontal installation. This, in combination with the different types of profiling of the outer sheet of sheet metal, enables a variety of architectural solutions, and the density of the connections guarantees watertightness and thermal insulation reliability. The natural overhead lighting on site is solved with corrugated polycarbonates. They are an excellent material for realizing roof lighting with UV protection and a profile corresponding to the TTOP panels.